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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  August 26, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that is "hardball" for now. and that interesting phone call. "all in with chris hayes starts right now." >> he has built his campaign on paranoia and letting a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> hillary clinton keeps warning america and republicans not named trump, aren't really objecting. >> we haven't seen prominent republicans stand up and defend him in the last 24 hours. why do you think that is? >> i don't know. congress is in recess. it's august. >> tonight the fallout from hillary's alt-right speech and why it's left donald trump scrambling. new questions about the
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republican's new hires. new questions about donald trump and hiring foreign workers for jobs in america. and the new audio of an angry governor losing his cool. >> i've spent my life helping black people and you little son of a -- socialist. [ bleep] >> when "all in" starts now. good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. in the wake of hillary clinton's methodical speech in encouraging racism, trump has, with some success, working to bait the media as an issue of back and forth. today trump who calls himself the law and order candidate says police need to get much tougher, releasing an ad and disproportionately effected the african-americans in the 1990s. and he doubled down on his claim
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that his rival is a "bigot." >> you look at what's happening to the innercities and african-americans and hispanics in this country where she talks all the time. because she's selling them down the tubes. because she's not doing anything for those communities. she talks a good game. >> you're saying she has hatred. >> her policies are bigoted because she knows they're not going to work. >> while clinton sited numerous examples linking trump to racism, trump is putting forth very little evidence supporting his claim. and consider the republican reaction to clinton's speech. now, normally the gop would rally around its presidential nominee, particularly when he's being linked to something as odious as explicit racism and
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we've heard crickets and that's because they've already been deemed as racist by so many of his own party. house speaker paul ryan called his attack of the judge over his heritage a raltcial comment. and spokesperson for mitch mcconnell "i don't think he saw the speech." and sean spicer, top spokesman, could not bring himself to back his nominee in an interview. >> do you think hillary clinton's a bigot? >> no. i mean i think some of the policies she's supported have not helped the african-american. but anybody who knows me, i don't tend to use certain words. that's not something that i might personally say, no. >> clinton made clear she does not view trump representative as the gop as a whole, siting
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george w. mccain and even pointing out that steve bannon had attacked paul ryan for his catholicism. and she discussed her choice to deliberately cleev trump off from the rest of his party. >> i am reaching out to everyone. republicans, democrats, independents, everyone who is troubled as i am by the bigotry and divisiveness of trump's campaign. and i've said repeatedly this is not a normal choice between a republican and a democrat. we're not just discussing our differing views on tax policy or anything else of importance. we are facing a divisive candidate whose loose canon temperament and his complete lack of preparation make him unqualified to be president and temperamentally unfit to be
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commander and chief. >> and author rick pearlsteen. this week argued that clinton should let paul ryan and the gop quote go down with the "trump ship." so, there's a really interesting tactical decision that hillary clinton's campaign has to make. which is do you cleev trump off from the gop or attempt to yoke trump to the rest of the gop? as much as paul ryan says he's troubled by this or that comment, he's going to vote for him as well as many other prominent republicans. >> i think it's interesting and hillary clinton has clearly seen an opportunity, given the fact that trump is only attracting 70% of republican voters. by the time you get to a general election is usually up in the 90s. so, 17% of republican voters not
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comfortable with this nominee and so she's trying to appeal to them. and at the same time she has to take responsibility for her party and the fact that they've failed inner city communities. run by democrat leadership. my home city of detroit, michigan has had democrat mayors, democrat city counsel, democrat county commissioners for my entire lifetime and that city has struggled. and the democrat party hasn't responded to that. >> what do you think of the governor of maryland cutting off millions of infrustructure as an example of limitations of municipal governments to be able to invest in communities? >> i don't know enough about that issue. >> it's a perfect example. >> well, i don't know. i don't know enough to respond to it. but i think successful local
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municipal governments are ones that work with their governors of both parties. and i do think that's something that the democratic party has to answer to. >> rick, what do you think? >> it's something the republican party has to answer for. detroit basically won world war ii, saved the world from fascism and hitler and its reward was the white people fled the city after african-americans were invited to work in the factories. they basically put up a wall. >> that's not how it happened. >> that's exactly how it happened. they built the interstate. the county's supervisor in oakland says he sees detroit as an indian reservation and we should throw blankets over the side. >> are you saying white flight is not a real phenomenon? >> no, i'm speaking specifically detroit, michigan.
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where the mayor basically asked the white people to leave. >> are you honestly -- that's your response to why white fled happened in detroit? >> regardless of white flight, that city has been governed by democrat democrats my entire lifetime. >> first of all, you think white flight happened in detroit because a black mayor told white people to leave detroit? is that the story? >> i grew up in detroit. you talk to people who live in detroit and you'wu'll have a ber understanding. >> yeah, i'm sure if you ask white people in detroit, that's their story. >> i think it's disappointing strategically. politics is a team sport. she's running on a ticket. and i think of one of the emails
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flushed out by the wikileaks. from march 2016. it was from louis miranda complaining that their instructions was to separate trump from ryan or the ryan wing to say that trump was crazy and not normal and ryan was normal and that to connect them makes trump look normal. and miranda was complaining that they couldn't run congressional campaigns this way. and when hillary clinton says that paul ryan is a social justice conservatism and all these other republicans which i guess would include louis gomez and the people who said she killed vince foster, right? now she's saying trump has turned the party over to paranoia. is she saying the rest of the party is okay, then it makes it very hard to tell a story to the
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american people that the problem is conservatism, the problem is the republican party and i imagine she could go to washington in january and govern with paul ryan as a partner. but he sees as democrats as very different. >> katy, how do you think this works in terms of down ballot stuff? there are dual incentives here. if you're running the dmc is you don't have the gift of a donald trump. you want to tie your candidate to donald trump if he's rob portman or if you're in a contested house seat, where as she does have the gift of donald trump and maybe it's easier for her not to lift that stone. >> i think it's a smart strategy for a presidential candidate. it does sell her down ballot candidates down the river but the same thing's happening on the republican side in the reverse. there are a lot of people
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suggesting that the down ballot candidates leave the presidential candidate on the curb. so, it's the reverse thing happening on both sides. s >> joining me now msnbc contributor. this is a story i hear all the time from conserrervconservetis. democracked, not democratic for some reason, detroit, all those cities have failed and black folks are doing terribly and therefore the democratic party is responsible. what do you think about that? >> you know, right now we're fighting over who's going to control the white and we've seen donald trump go -- a bridge too far but not the first bridge too far. it's like the fifth bridge too
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far and his party likes to hangout on the fourth bridge too far and for them to turn around and say the democrats have fwbe the problem. when we have governors like hogan. by the way i'm doing this from west baltimore and we've seen these republican governors across the country constrain what our cities can do, bankrupt schools, transportation and point at the mayor and say it's the mayor's fault. it's just weak and that's the game that the republican party plays. but we have to get back to the big issue which is we have donald trump way out there, staying on this road to stupid that the republican party has been on for like 50 years, just getting worse and worse and worse. and finally we found out that many people in this party are cool with the road stupid, cool with three bridges too far but the fifth bridge is too much.
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>> you think there's more discontinuity than less continuity in the party and how hillary clinton is playing this? >> absolutely. you look at mitt romney, his comments about free stuff at the naacp convention. and then you look at the way that quite frankly, every republican we've had had since nixon has made the one before him look better. like regan made nixon look better. george w. bush made regan look better. and mitt romney was more racially hostile than george w. bush was in 1999. and so this keeps getting worse and donald trump is the logical conclusion of this kind of stupid poem that they've been riding for 50 years. >> i want to say one thing to
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distinguish two different things. i don't want to say that democratic leadership in american cities has been excellent and in some case it's been terrible and disastrous. there are all kinds of terrible problems in the city of chicago or baltimore which we have documented in depth on the show. but that is a distinct thing from saying it's the reason that inn inner-cities, particularly poor and black area is because of democratic leadership, when everything we know about the history of red lining and seg regashz and white flight and disinvestment is the reason, largy that is brought us about to this moment that if you elected a republican mayor, you would be in a different situation is counter factual. >> what the republican party did during the time of desegregation is they decided to become the quote on quote white man's party and they took people from the democratic party, the old dixie
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crat base in the '60s, '70s and '80s. and they played their role. both parties have had poor leaders that deserve a lot of blame but the reality is that when you hear ms. packer say that white flight in detroit happened because coleman young asked white people to leave, that's when i stopped listening. >> thank you for being with me tonight. still to come, down ballot republicans trying to weather the remaining 73 days of trump's campaign. but first, donald trump often brags about he works with the best people. veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business.
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the world. we have great people. we're going to use our best people and we're going to bring back our jobs. >> that's been the core of donald trump's pitch on trade in the economy, he'll bring in the best people to negotiate deals and turn things round. but if it's the model of the white house, it raises a lot of questions. stephen bannon has already been under scrutiny for his tenure at breitbart news, the so-called platform for the alt-right and he was charged in 1996 with misdemeanor domestic violence and battery with his then wife. he pleaded not guilty and the charges were dropped when the alleged victim didn't show up in court. and two people have been charged with battery against alewandows grabbing a woman at an event. the charges were dropped. and the latest with ties to the
8:19 pm
kremlin. there's a chance that name might ring a bell, it was chris christie's campaign manager for both gubernatorial campaigns. and his name appeared on compromising emails connected to the bridge gate scandal. and time for some problems, traffic problems. >> i was disturbed by the tone and behavior and attitude of callous indifference that was displayed in the emails by my former campaign manager, bill steppy. and reading that, it made me lose my confidence in bill's judgment. if i cannot trust someone's judgment, i cannot ask others to do so and i would not place him at the head of my political
8:20 pm
operation because of the lack of judgment that was shown in the emails that were revealed yesterday. >> port side jared kushner, son in law, was the main force in his hire. now a source says he was not involved. >> i windshiesh bill the best o and the campaign best of luck. and i wish bill the best. i did not consult with mr. trump in this. they have confidence in him. they hired him. >> and not to be confused with a trump veteran's advisor from new hampshire who called for hillary clinton to be executed by firing squad. now saying she should be tried and then shot. and a marine who took part in the deadly armed stand off between anti-government ranchers and federal officials at the
8:21 pm
bundy ranch in nevada two years ago, one that could serve up to six years in prison. joining me now, charley pierce. charley, what -- i mean, the bannon stuff to me is you don't hire bannon for a million reasons, mostly because you've imported every breitbart headline into your campaign and this is another good reason not to hire him. >> he is what those of us write about hockey would call a goon. he's there for his ability to start fights and you have bill steppian who we at least know will do what the boss tells him to do, at least for a while. and kellyanne fitzpatrick who's a green room celebrity, so she's getting a pass but she called home sexuality a quote corrupting influence and -- >> kellyanne conway?
8:22 pm
>> sorry. fitzpatrick was the name before. and mike pence who basically blew up his entire state's tourist economy with an anti-gay bill that would allow discrimination against gay people and that's the one group of people that donald trump hasn't gone out of his way to insult and you didn't mention the fact that his personal physician appears to be the alien studies guy from "independence day. yat ". >> i have no knowledge of whether he's a good doctor or not a good doctor. but i think it's fair to say that his letter about donald trump's health raised so many questions because it sounded so much like mr. trump himself. he will be the healthiest individual ever elected to presidency.
8:23 pm
which seems a difficult claim to verify. and today they talked to the doctor. >> is that the way that you write most of your medical letters? >> no. but for mr. trump i wrote that letter. >> did he ask you to describe it that way? or did you pick up his language by spending time with him? >> i picked up his kind of language and it's interpreted to my own. i thought about it all day and in the end, i get rushed and anxious when i get rushed. so, i try to get four or five lines as possible. >> charley, i should say this is why a limo waited for him to courier the letter over to donald trump. my thinking is i'm out of words to describe the karncharacters have been assembled around donald trump.
8:24 pm
>> i mean this isn't -- this is far from the first time that high ranking republican people have been associating with the ditchingier fringe of their ideology. the counsel for conservative citizens, the white citizens counsel went on for years until trent lock got caught at it. throughout the 1990s and the 2000s. the bundy people were very prominent on what is perceived to be mainstream conservative media outlets during their fiasco. so, once again, donald trump is proving to be merely modern republicanism without an interior monologue. >> appreciate it. >> thanks. >> coming up, donald trump claims hillary clinton's immigration policy will take jobs away from hard working americans which is something he's guilty of doing right now.
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hillary clinton would rather provide a job to a refugee from overseas than to give that job to unemployed african-american youth in cities like detroit. >> donald trump immigration logic from building the wall to deporting 11 million people is all about protecting american jobs. right there on his website "put american workers first." in fact, he is currently, currently at this moment employing foreign workers at his resort and has been since 2010. >> it's a very successful club
8:27 pm
in long beach, florida and during the season it's very, very hard to get employees. >> they have more than a thousand -- >> we have a lot of people. we come up with a lot of people but it's very hard to get people in palm beach during the palm beach social season and we sometimes have to bring people in. >> not a new idea for trump. he notoriously employed polish workers. a point raised by senator and then presidential candidate, marco rubio. >> i think if you're going to claim you're the only one who lifted this in the campaign that you acknowledge you're the only person on this stage that's been fired for hiring people on your projects illegally. he hired workers from poland and had to pay a million dollars in a judgment. people can look it up. i'm sure they're googling it
8:28 pm
right now. trump polish workers. you'll see he had to pay $1 million on one of his projects. >> so, trump says that was totally wrong and now a damming new report shows he absolutely knew what he was doing and the author joins me next. ple around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collabote changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live. there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in...
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he hired workers from poland and he had to pay a million dollars in a judgment. >> wrong. wrong. totally wrong. >> i'm sure people are looking
8:32 pm
it up right now. google it. trump hires poland workers. >> marco rubio tried his best to doll donald trump on his hypocrisy on immigration. and senior correspondent for time and author of "what donald trump knew about undocumented workers at his signature tower." and can you explain to us the context of the project and who was hired. >> sure, so donald trump had been seeking to do a marquee project in manhattan. he had started in queens and he managed threw considerable effort in 1979 to secure the rights to build an enormous home that would become his home in fifth avenue in midtown and he was inspecting a work site next door at a property he also owned when he saw polish workers there and according to testimony in
8:33 pm
trial, the case files of which i reviewed, he told the foreman, hey, those polish guys are good hard workers and the story unfolds for umthe s from there. he finds out who the boss is according who the polish workers' boss is according to the boss's testimony, calls him into his office. the guy had never done demolition work before but he wanted to hire him and the polish workers to tear down the teller building to make room for the tower at 56th and fwifth avenue and instructed the because that he needed to start a new company, get new insurance and they discussed price. the boss said the poles would work day and night, seven days a week to get the building down. >> these individuals did not have proper documentation at the time. am i right? >> they were undocumented. that was an established fact and
8:34 pm
no one including donald trump ever denied that was the case. he denied knowing many times over the years but that's an established fact. >> they're undocumented. he denies knowing it and your court documents suggest that's part of why he was doing what he did. >> well, the lawyer for some union members behind the case where trump was testifying and all of the evidence was, said in court the only reason trump would have for hiring this man was because he had this cheap polish labor that they were undocumented. >> and the most amazing coat is that he then wants to deport them at the end of this? >> despite hiring them at a very, very low wage through the subcontractor, the poles end up not being paid and trump takes
8:35 pm
over the job from the subcontractor and they still don't get paid and they get a lawyer, lawyer threatens to put mechanics leans on the property which would prevent trump from selling any part of the property and work slows down and eventually trump hire as laborer consultant who tells him to fire them, he fires the poles and then at trial, the labor consultant testifies that trump not only knew that these guys were illegal but other people at the trial also testified that trump threatened to have them deported through his lawyer threatened to call the ins and have them deported. >> great bepiece of reporting. thank you very much. we'll have a look at battleground match ups ahead and first thing one, thing two. piri.
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thing one tonight's is republican governor, page who said people like d-money are coming to his state and i'm quoting, girls. lepage was asked why he hasn't been more welcoming. >> i don't ask them to come to me and sell that poison but they come. and i will tell you that 90 plus percent of those pictures in my book and it's a three-ring binder, are black and hispanic people from connecticut, the bronx and brooklyn. >> governor's office has refused media requests to verify the alleged racial trend and a local
8:40 pm
reporter said what would he say to those who call him racist and he asked who called him that. lepage did not appreciate it and decided to make a phone call. >> this is governor paul richard le page. i would like to talk to you about your comments on my being a racist you -- [ bleep] >> and it only gets worse from there. and that's thing two in 60 seconds. look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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after governor le page heard someone called him racist, he left this voice mail yesterday. >> this is governor paul richard le page. i would like to talk to you about your comments about my being a racist you -- [ bleep] i want to talk to you. i want you to prove i'm a racist. i've spent my life helping black
8:42 pm
people and you son of a -- socialist, i need you to -- i want you to record this and make it public because i'm after you. thank you. >> nice he ends with thank you. but if the voice mail wasn't bad enough, he followed up with this comment to the portland press harold. >> i'd like you to come up here because right now i wish it was 1825 and we had a dual. that's how angry i am. and i bet and i would put my gun in the air guaranteed. i would not be -- i'd point it right between his eyes because he is a not nose little runt. >> then he broke into a rendition from the song from "hamilton." i kid of course. and now claims he said the kind
8:43 pm
of racially charged comments aren't helpful in solving the problem and governor le page apologized for comments about drug dealers. and he said i would if i could but i can't it's illegal. you will absolutely never guess who governor le page is supporting for president. the range rover sport, land rover, above and beyond. the best place to find
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adventure. is in the forest. so grab your loved ones. and explore a world of possibilities. >> it's beautiful. >> visit discover the >> every sip of
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. it donald trump is heading back that battleground state of iowa. right now he's tied with hillary clinton in the latest iowa poll. we were there in the eve of the presidential contest when there were still 15 candidates running for president. there we met a retired couple both registered republicans, both undecided at the time living in a suburb of des moines. we got a glimpse of what your
8:46 pm
average iowaen goes through in the weeks leading up to the caucus. >> we're getting ready for commercial. here we go. first one. >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. >> donald. >> sounded like you wanted the bill to pass. >> of course i wanted the bill to pass. >> to me, he was pretty effective at hitting other folks. >> oh, my gosh, have you ever seen anybody better? coming from a sales and marketing background, in my opinion, donald trump is the best salesman. genius marketer and says america's broken. they're pouring in. you get this image of rats coming through the house or something. >> build that wall and mexico is going to pay for it. shall we do hillary here? >> i want to go to bat for them every single day, get incomes rising, equal pay for women, cut the cost of health care and
8:47 pm
child care. >> she just nailed it all. >> she nailed that. >> in my opinion, she does. >> she has what are it takes to get things done. that's a hillary clinton ad paid for by hillary. >> she didn't tear down america, she didn't tear down bernie, she didn't tear down anybody else. >> shortly after that piece ran, now nearly seven months after the iowa caucuses, paul and ruby are long gone. jacob met up with them again this week to see if they have picked a candidate. >> if i was to vote today for president, i would vote for hillary clinton. >> even as a republican? >> oh, yeah. even as a republican. >> what about you, jay? >> i go back and forth. right now i'd probably vote for hillary. but then i think well, maybe i'll vote for trump. i know she doesn't want to hear me say that. he's not what i would like to
8:48 pm
see in a president. he's doing this thing again where he's now saying hillary clinton -- he's not saying it but he's heard that she's sick and maybe she's not going to make it but he did that with a number of people. >> and how long have you realized you're not going to go with trump? >> from the beginning. i mean, he was entertaining but then bringing up hateful issues towards women, minorities. he just wasn't -- he didn't know who he was and he was saying anything hateful against every -- who hasn't he insulted, jacob? i mean, that's the question and he's going to be out on a world stage representing our country. and he thinks nuclear is okay and think it's okay to ban the press. there's too many issues i have with him. i don't think he has the temperament. i want to see a debate. >> i really sound anti-trump and i kind of am because i'm willing
8:49 pm
to vote for hillary clinton. >> and did you ever think you'd say that, jay? >> no. no. especially, she's got baggage. it's always in the press about her baggage and whether it's benghazi or the emails, they just don't seem to go away. >> you know the republican party is being really divided and split and jay and i have been at this for a long time and i could cry to be honest with you. it breaks my heart that moderates, and i would categorize us as that and donald trump is probably not going to win over the moderates. it would take a huge change and he doesn't have enough time. he's not the candidate for the moderate voice, in my opinion and some people might not click the box and click all the others. i'm going to vote for who i think is competent and that's why i'm going with hillary. >> next week in iowa with the
8:50 pm
latest installment of his up for grab series "visiting swing voters."
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♪ usg 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at big question for republicans going to this fall is how much donald trump travesty or absence of a campaign will bring down candidates. gop's are bucking the trend or
8:54 pm
at least trailing by smaller margins than trump. one is comey, a relative moderate, or at least by his branding is. and thanks to his work on a background check bill, he just w won an endorsement from gabby gibert. joining me now democratic political consultant and let's start with this pennsylvania race. there was a lot of hope about trump in pennsylvania. a lot of talk of how he's going to goose the white vote in pennsylvania. coomby is still behind. he's in that perils place where you realize the rock they're pushing up hill. >> and as hillary clinton has risen, so has mcginty. so, clearly hillary clinton's
8:55 pm
popularity is impacting mcginty. they are hammering her very hard there. they're hammering on her energy policy. she's unappall jetically behind clean energy. they're hammering her. the chamber of commerce is targeting her. they even had an ad that was basically saying she would kidnap your kids and she's leading in this state. >> and coomby has used this one heresy on guns where we're going to do the bill after new town and bill himself as a moderate, but in terms of economic policies he's extremely, far to the right. >> and on top of that, in addition to that, he has support from all of those groups, which is important in this type of race. but in addition to that, he
8:56 pm
hasn't really pushed back that hard against trump. he's kind of like -- he waffled and trying to play both sides. >> he is not taking the mark kirk approach. and john, i want to talk to you about the two races up in your neck of the woods. s there rthere's illinois and i. kirk in illinois has probably taken the most anti-trump stance of an endangered candidate, he's still down seven points. and ron johnson hasn't pulled the full kirk and he's struggling. >> ron jaunls ohnson's approach been genuinely bazar. when the entire republican establishment of wisconsin was never trump. in fact, remember the trump loss to ted cruz, ron johnson was running around, talking about how much fun it might be to
8:57 pm
campaign with donald trump and even saying they might go out as the ronald and the donald. and ever since then, he's sort of been fits and starts. he says he's not making a big endorsement of donald trump but he does support him. the messages have been very mixed. and oddly enough, it's almost exactly the wrong approach for wisconsin. i think. and i think that's why he's down quite a bit in the polls. because you do have in the wisconsin republican party a very strong never-trump community. people who don't like trump. and if johnson had hooked in with that, he may well have been able to get most of the trump vote as well as some of this but he hasn't done that. >> and he also has the disadvantage of running against a 2-term senator who's very popular. the 2010 was caught up in a wave bigger than he was in terms of
8:58 pm
what the electorate looks like. and now you'll have a whole different electorate to the polls. >> i can't express how true that
8:59 pm
>> thanks, my friend. have a great weekend.
9:00 pm
>> you too. >> thanks to you at home for staying with us this next hour. august fridays are supposed to be dull. it's supposed to be the sort of thing where you can leave a little early from work and nobody notices because there's nothing really going on. this is an august friday that has not been dull. we have changed the list of things that are supposed to be on our show tonight about 17 times over the course of today, because new news kept breaking, that kept displacing other smaller stories. it's been a weird, intense, and surprising day. in the presidential campaign, we woke up to news that the ceo of the trump campaign, from breitbart news, we woke up to news today that trump campaign chief steve bannon has an arrest record for domestic violence charges. it is not clear whether donald trump himself knew that when he hired tired bannon last week, but it has now been confirmed,


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